Lemonade Shandy

Labor Day is around the corner, and in order to celebrate our contributions to society as workers, we’re kicking back with a nice, cold beer!! But why not fancy it up a bit, add some sparkling lemonade and make it a shandy. After all, it’s our day.

shandySo how did the worker’s day come to land on the first Monday in September? The US and Canada are the only countries to celebrate Labor Day in September, whereas in the rest of the world it’s honored on May 1st as International Worker’s Day. The origin of International Workers’ Day landing on May 1 actually has its start in the United States. On May 4, 1886, in Chicago, workers held a peaceful rally to support an eight-hour work day. The rally ended in explosions and a gunfight that killed several police officers and civilians. U.S. President Grover Cleveland feared that Americans would continue to commemorate the massacre(and remember that they were still overworked and underpaid), which is why theU.S. government created Labor Day in September and established it as a light celebratory affair – starting with a public street parade and festivities.

The lightness of Labor Day continues to this day, with most people taking the day to drink, barbeque and shop.  In true American fashion, we’ll be doing the same by putting our feet up with a shandy and spending the next 24 hours forgetting about the other 364 days we work for the man. We chose a light, citrusy pilsner as our light lager to pair with sparkling lemonade, but feel free to try it with your favorite. And nothing beats fresh squeezed! As you’re enjoying this refreshing shandy, don’t forget to pour some for our homies who lost their lives fighting for a living wage, and for those continuing to do so.Cheers to all our hard work!



A light lager (We chose a light pilsner with citrusy notes to compliment the addition of sparkling lemonade.)

Sparkling lemonade


Pour equal parts ice cold lager and sparkling lemonade into a tall glass.

If you prefer less lemonade, try a 2-1 ratio.


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