Strawberry-Infused Moscow Mule

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You’re probably wondering where we’ve been all summer, seeing as how we haven’t posted any seasonal summer recipes in a while. The truth is, instead of holing up at home and concocting new recipes, Lindsey and I have been going swimming, making ice cream, drinking cocktails, and…… well, enjoying the summer. We hope you’ve been taking advantage of the hot weather too, but to make your summer that much sweeter, I wanted to share with you my recipe for a strawberry-infused Moscow Mule.

Every year, I go berry picking down in Watsonville, and this year we picked around twenty pounds of fresh, juicy strawberries. Some we made into strawberry pie, some were frozen for future use, and the rest I used to make a strawberry-infused vodka. It goes without saying that freshly picked strawberries are ideal, but store-bought strawberries will do the job just as well (and if you don’t feel like waiting the few days for the strawberries to steep in the vodka, you can just go out and buy strawberry-flavored vodka, too). I’ve heard different accounts of how long to let the strawberries soak in the vodka. Some say to leave it for 24 hours in the sun, others say to leave it for a week in a cool place. However, I found that the strawberry-infused vodka tastes just as good the second day as it does on the seventh. Strawberry vodka adds a delicate sweetness to the usually tart Moscow Mule – the perfect refreshment for those hot summer evenings spent lounging on your front porch!

*Note: This recipe requires overnight preparation

Strawberry-Infused Moscow Mule (Yield: 1 Serving)

For strawberry-infused vodka:
1 liter vodka
4 cups strawberries, hulled and quartered
For Moscow Mule (Yield: 1 serving):
1 ½ ounces strawberry vodka
½ ounces simple syrup
Half a lime, juiced
5 frozen strawberries
Ginger beer, to top (I used Cock’n Bull brand)


  1. Prepare the strawberry-infused vodka the night before or up to a week in advance (feel free to adjust the quantity of vodka to suit your needs). Add the strawberry pieces to 1 liter of vodka and store in a sealable container in a cool dark place. Allow to sit overnight, or until strawberries lose their color. If you plan to leave it for a few days, be sure to mix it at least once a day. When you are ready to serve, strain out the strawberries from the vodka.
  2. Pour vodka, simple syrup, and lime juice into a cocktail glass and stir. Add frozen strawberries and top with ginger beer.

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